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Compassion. Attention. Change.

In-person sessions

Individual therapy is a judgement-free space to explore your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Sessions are all about you: We work together to alleviate suffering, minimize obstacles, restore hope, and help you gain clarity and tools to change and improve your life.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length, but longer appointments are available upon request.

Scheduling is flexible to meet you where you are, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annual check-ins.

Located at 1452 Hughes Road Grapevine, TX 76051

freedom and flexibility

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Voice and video sessions

Virtual sessions are widely used in the mental health and medical fields. Similar to in-person session, virtual therapy provides convenience and the comfort of your chosen environment. I use a safe and confidential online service, doxy.com, and am Board Certified as a Telemental Health Provider. Some clients enjoy a mix of in-person and virtual sessions based on travel and scheduling.

Virtual sessions are usually 50 minutes in length, but longer sessions are available upon request. Scheduling is flexible to meet you where you are, whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even annual check-ins.

body, mind, and soul

Breathwork, yoga, chi gung, reiki

You don’t have to be an athlete or yogi to participate in movement therapies. Ancient practices and somatic work help us heal our whole self - and often speed up the progress of talk therapy. Movement can be as gentle as seated postures and stretching to a 10-20 minute practice of flow. We’ll focus on things like up-regulation (bringing up our internal state to raise our mood), down-regulation (things we can do to calm our state, soothe anxiety, and curb panic), as well as how breathwork and movement effect our body, brain, and organ systems (all of which drive our mood, feelings, and thoughts).

Each sessions is tailored to you, and includes plenty of time for both instruction and practice.

These practices can also be incorporated into a therapy session.




Sometimes, we need a little extra support even if we’re not "in therapy." A mentorship offers a safe, supportive relationship in which you can sort through life and create lasting transformation focused on goals and progress. In a mentoring relationship with me, you’ll receive one virtual session a month, plus weekly support (via voice recorded messages and email) so that you can ask questions and gain feedback in your real life, outside of our formal time together.

* Flexibility is important. As we work together and assess your goals, we can add, subtract or split sessions and modify as needed so you get the time and attention you deserve.